This is a project and story I have been creating for the past year or so. I wanted to give myself a reason to consistently use Affinity Designer and Illustrator to help me become better at vector art. So as these grew into characters, I started to develop a real story behind them all! 

This story is about a group of 13 celestial beings who each represent the Zodiac. Their goal in their lifetime is to help the galaxy understand their path and themselves, and push towards their true calling in life. Detecting sentient life on Earth, these 13 beings suited up and took on a quest to help be spiritual guides to the inhabitants of Earth.

However, they were in for a major surprise. 

Earth was an incredibly hostile planet, which inevitably caused the leader's ship to crash land on the formidable planet. She fought valiantly to protect the mothership of her crew of Astrobunnies, but ended up losing signal to her crew.

Together, the bunnies must work together and go back to save their leader, Ophiuchus!


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