Working on fleshing out a game concept that involves racing cute birds on foot! Race against the Evil Pengu Corp to win back the ancient racing grounds of the Elderkeets and preserve the glory and history of Keet Racing! 

This concept was created by me, including the story.


All characters, logos, maps and everything you see was created by me using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Procreate. 

unnamed (1).webp

Solitaire monstars

I created the buttons and icons (and background pictured separately in this gallery) for ITEC Games' "Solitaire Monstars" mobile game app!

the journals of mama mae and lee lee

I created various 3D and 2D assets for a series of digital books for Alicia Keys' iOS app franchise for The Journals of Mama Mae and Lee Lee. 

Using Maya, Unity and Photoshop, I crafted elements within this app that were used for props and for interactive moments within the game as well as branding materials throughout.

steam bandits: outpost

Built creature and pet concepts for investors who supported Steam Bandit's KickStarter in the early phases of the Steam App game. Final pet art by Susan Lau & Esther Chen.

Using Maya, Unity and Photoshop, I developed and created concepts from my own imagination and made them a reality in the game.