Latinas Lead California is the state's first political action committee that solely focuses on supporting Latinas running for office.

They are a non-partisan organization committed to electing Latina candidates who are passionate about creating effective public policies and fighting for reproductive rights, equal pay for equal work, economic prosperity, and a sustainable environment.

For more than 25 years, they've provided critical campaign funds and put Heels on the Ground for Latinas running at all levels of the ballot.

It was an honor to undergo an arduous process of creating their branding. There is even a lot more rounds than what I am showing, but you can see the general thought process and workflow as we all figured out what the "look" and feel would be. A lot of women had a say in this production, including myself, and it took quite a while to nail down only 1 logo that everyone was happy with.

There were many beautiful iterations that I wanted to include in this project so feel free to check them out in the gallery!