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Good TImes Branding

Logo creation inspired from the client's existing 70's vibe, I created their logo, business cards and service menus! Provided different variants of the logo for use in t-shirts and other products if necessary. Also created social media banners, profile pictures and single elements for the client to use in other applications.

ITEC entertainment

Among the many duties I fulfilled during my time at ITEC as a Sr. Graphic Designer, I was able to showcase some concepts and signage I painted for an ancient underwater themed dining and drink area called "the Grotto". Since this project was ever-evolving and requiring several iterations, it has since changed, but I wanted to showcase the different styles of work I made to move the vision of the client in the right direction. 

The painted backgrounds were also part of another book I was creating that was for a themed resort competition, involving Thai culture and the beauty of the coast and ocean. A mixture of digital painting styles and photos were used to create the ethereal and fantastical backgrounds for various text and infographics used througout.


Fine brine logo and arch viz

Fine Brine was a project from a client who wanted to open his own specialty ferment storefront. He came to me with a need for a logo, and I also was able to mock up a storefront style idea for him as well using my 3D skills in Maya and MentalRay.

Iterations shown as well to explain my process and how things come to fruition. He originally wanted something old timey looking, but I had some other ideas that I thought might be more modern. 


The Deep Space Optical Communication (DSOC) project at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is developing laser communications and needed someone to make a logo to represent the mission.

Some challenges were communication, as working with engineers is a bit different than working with fellow creatives or other clients. We had some challenges trying to stay away from the "patch" look that most Nasa mission logos have, but also create an iconic, simple and easy to read logo that still incorporated key points in the project.

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